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Madeline Stanley

Project Officer

Madeline Stanley is a Project Officer in IISD’s Water program. Her past work includes time spent as a wetlands specialist, where she performed water quality monitoring, along with morphometric processing and other analysis to enumerate and identify invertebrates and fish species present in fish stomachs. Madeline holds an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences (Aquatic Biology). Her graduate work examined the spatial variation of water quality and algal production, and the relationship between land use and nutrient loading in Delta Marsh, Manitoba.

  • How to Build a Floating Wetland
    How to Build a Floating WetlandNot only do floating wetlands look super cool, they could help us keep fresh water free of whole range of pollutants—maybe even oil spills! Madeline and Richard take us through how to make one, in this short video.
  • Using Financial Technologies for a More Sustainable Planet
    Using Financial Technologies for a More Sustainable Planet If you have heard of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, then you have probably heard of "fintech." We explore how these financial technologies could be applied to create a more sustainable planet.
  • Education

    Master of Science in Aquatic Biology (2017), University of Manitoba, Canada

    Bachelor of Science in Biology (Honours in Aquatic Biology), University of Manitoba, Canada