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Cristina Larrea

Sustainability Standards Workstream Lead

Cristina Larrea is the Sustainability Standards Workstream Lead for the Economic Law and Policy Program. She has 15 years of experience in economic and financial inclusion, impact investing and sustainable development in emerging economies.

She also has seven years of fieldwork experience in Chiapas, Mexico, working on economic empowerment and sustainability of marginalized groups, as well as with rainforest-community-based organizations.

In previous roles, Cristina contributed to the creation of an internationally recognized framework to measure social, economic and environmental impacts of financial transactions in agriculture small and medium-sized enterprises and has authored and co-authored a number of publications in the field of sustainable development

Prior to joining IISD, Cristina had served as the Senior Project Developer Consultant with the Global Green Growth Institute and Senior Project Manager with the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade. She has also worked in various other roles relating to project management and strategic planning in Canada and Mexico.

Cristina is fluent is English, French and Spanish. 

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