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Chandra Rodgers

Fisheries Research Biologist, IISD-ELA

Chandra Rodgers currently works for IISD-ELA as a fisheries population biologist. Her main research interests lie in understanding the impacts of anthropogenic influences on aquatic species and their ecosystems.

She balances her time between conducting population estimates on a wide range of species, among other duties, such as working with acoustic telemetry systems to analyze fish behaviour and performing lab tasks such as fish aging and stable isotope preparation. She has worked in the field of aquatic ecology for over seven years. 

Chandra brings a diverse background of experience in both marine and freshwater environments to her research at IISD-ELA. For post-graduate studies, she worked in southern Ontario lakes to investigate how hormones, leaked from sewage systems, affect the reproductive behaviour of fish. She later worked in the Caribbean with a non-governmental organization to help local communities understand how human impacts affect water quality and local fisheries. In addition to community involvement, Chandra also participated in assessing and remediating the health of a local marine protected area by performing water quality monitoring and fish, coral reef and invertebrate surveys.

Having learned to fish before she could walk, Chandra has spent her life learning how to protect and conserve our valuable aquatic resources. She is driven and excited by collaboration and opportunities to be involved in community conservation and education.


Phone: (807) 226-5162 ext. 235 (IISD-ELA); (204) 958-7700 ext. 721 (Winnipeg)

  • Education

    Master of Science–Aquatic Biology (2012): University of Western Ontario

    Bachelor of Science–Biology (2009): University of Western Ontario