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IISD's people are the key to our continued success.

IISD's people are the key to our continued success. Our more than 100 international experts include our core policy research staff, associates and fellows, Reporting Services leadership and our senior management. To view our Board of Directors, friends, administrators, support staff and Reporting Services writers, click here.

To request an interview with one of our experts, see our Media section. If you don't see an expert on a specific topic, send us a message and we will find someone who is an expert on that subject.

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Richard Bridle
Richard BridleSenior Policy Advisor and Lead, Renewable Energy
Pauline Gerrard
Pauline GerrardDeputy Director, IISD-ELA and Corporate Secretary
Matthew McCandless
Matthew McCandlessSenior Director, Fresh Water & Executive Director, IISD Experimental Lakes Area
David Uzsoki
David UzsokiSenior Policy Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure