Commentary | Jan 28, 2019

LONG READ: How Will Cannabis Legalization Affect our Fresh Water?

Now that cannabis legalization is sweeping North America, it is time for us to explore the impact of marijuana on our abundant supplies of fresh water. Vince Palace, our head research scientist, takes us through the existing science and explains what IISD-ELA is gearing up to discover this summer.

Commentary | Nov 24, 2018

Freshwater Lakes’ Pollution Problems Go Beyond Plastics

“Now is the time for our policymakers to take the energy generated by the plastic buzz and channel into a more strategic and nuanced assault on the welter of issues that is plaguing our abundant freshwater supplies.” Matt McCandless makes the case in

Commentary | Aug 28, 2018

High-tech data needed to stop sewage overflows

“Kofi Annan once said, “[w]ithout good data, we’re flying blind. If you can’t see it, you can’t solve it.” The political and social will to fix aging infrastructure can come from simple data that lets us know how we are affecting the environment and where—and prevent the worst problems before they begin.” Geoffrey Gunn makes the case in the Toronto Star,