IISD-ELA in the News

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | January 17, 2020

Digital analysis can help reduce lead-poisoning threats

"Provision of drinking water is a basic right, but requires tackling complex questions that involve aging infrastructure, multiple layers of governing entities and limited resources. Digital technologies are being embraced globally to address those very questions, to avert another Flint or Cape Town situation. It’s now time for Canada — proud guardian of much of the world’s fresh water — to follow suit."

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | December 5, 2019

Province pushes Winnipeg to produce phosphorus reduction plan

"A project steering committee will oversee implementation of both the interim phosphorus reduction strategy to commence in February, as well implementation of the upgrades to meet the licence requirements. It will be assisted by an advisory committee that will include representatives from the city, multiple provincial government departments, as well as key stakeholders, such as the International Institute of Sustainable Development, Lake Winnipeg Foundation and Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective."

IISD-ELA in the News | BBC Chinese | October 15, 2019

环保成功案例 科学家消灭酸雨的故事

(Chinese-language article) "群孩子在宁静但颜色绿的很不自然的湖面上划独木舟。这天阳光明媚,天气炎热,一个口渴的男孩用铝锅舀水,准备加满他同伴的水壶。稍不留神,锅从手中滑落,沉入深不可及的水下。令人难以置信的是,它在深达50英尺(15.2米)的湖底仍然可见。"

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | October 4, 2019

New policy will ensure no net loss of wetland benefits: province

""Wetlands are a critical part of Manitoba’s natural infrastructure, and provide us with a multitude of ecological benefits — from removing harmful excesses of nutrients, to providing habitats for a diverse range of wildlife. It is therefore imperative that Manitoba maintains a no net-loss of wetland benefits," IISD director of water management Dimple Roy said Wednesday."

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | September 27, 2019

Time to take the message to the streets

"This is a first for me. I’ve worked on climate issues for the better part of 20 years — advising governments and businesses — yet I’ve never taken my kids to a protest. We’re not a family that marches in the streets. But it’s time."