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Breakfast Event at CSW 62: The New 'A-Team' for Gender Equality

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Join us Tuesday, March 13, in New York for a breakfast event on Advocates and Auditors: The New 'A-Team' for Gender Equality.

The recently released Practice Guide to Auditing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality, developed by the Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation in partnership with Women Deliver and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), is an exciting new tool for Parliamentarians, civil society, researchers, and others interested in holding their governments to account – and for Governments wanting to do the right thing.

The guide presents a methodology for auditing gender equality, both as the core of SDG 5 and also an enabler and accelerator for progress on all 17 SDGs, and is an excellent example of a unique partnership to track progress, monitor implementation, identify weaknesses and offer recommendations for improvements.

The 62nd Commission on the Status of Women is an opportune time to better understand how national audit offices, also called Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), are conducting audits assessing national governments’ preparedness to implement the SDGs, as well as performance audits examining government programs contributing toward specific aspects of the SDGs. The event will also discuss how parliamentarians and governments can use this information to assess national-level progress, and how civil society and others can hold their governments to account as they implement the SDGs.

Event details

  • March 13, 2018

  • Convene

  • 730 3rd Avenue, New York

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