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Dialogue on a Just and Managed Energy Transition in Canada

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There is a convergence around the need to meet Canada’s Paris Agreement Commitments through decarbonization, a rapid evolution of clean energy technologies and the need to ensure economic competitiveness for Canada’s sectors and workers. 

Canada faces an energy sector transition over the coming decades.  What does this transition look like, and what considerations have to be made to ensure we achieve our goals and the economy thrives under a new low-/zero-carbon model?  We note that this discussion has started for the coal sector, but we are looking to broaden this discussion into other fossil fuel sectors.

Our short-term goals for this session are: determining that this is seen as credible conversation to have in Canada, recognition that a just and managed energy sector transition in Canada is not just about coal, and increasing understanding of the value in having an ongoing conversation about an oil and gas transition pathway in Canada with those who will be affected by this transition.


When: Thursday, May 24th, 2018. 9:30 (Welcome)–16:30 (Conclusion)

What: A three-part dialogue with thought leaders to discuss pathways for a just and managed transition away from fossil fuels in line with our Paris climate commitments.

Session 1 (9:45–12:00) A Chatham House rule discussion on the topic of "What is a pathway for Canada beyond fossil fuels?"

Session 2 (13:00–14:30) Broader discussion with the topic of "The role and necessity of fossil fuel-related fiscal policies (e.g., fossil fuel subsidy reform, carbon revenue, royalties, sovereign funds) in enabling a just transition in Canada."

Session 3 (14:45–16:15) Broader discussion continued with the topic of "Concrete measures for Just Transition: Clean Energy, Jobs, & Innovation."

For more information, please contact Yanick Touchette.

Event details

  • May 24, 2018

  • International Institute for Sustainable Development (220 Laurier Ave West, Ottawa). Room number will be provided ahead by email.