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Fisheries Subsidies: Institutional Issues

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This informal dialogue is designed to provide negotiators with an opportunity to discuss, in a non-negotiating setting and with the input of experts, the options available in the design of the institutional framework for a fisheries subsidies agreement.

Discussion will focus on how the agreement could be incorporated into the WTO framework, including how much of the existing ASCM architecture would be useful in the context of a new agreement (definition of a subsidy, specificity, remedies) and lessons that can be drawn from the design of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture. Discussion will also cover how consultations and the use of experts could be included in the resolution of disputes under the new agreement.

Institutional Issues Invite

Event details

  • May 21, 2019

  • Le Centre de Conférence de Varembé

  • Rue de Varembé 13, 1202 Genève

  • Eleonora Bonaccorsi


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