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Webinar | Linking National and Sub-national Adaptation: Vertical integration in National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes

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Increasing attention has recently been placed on the role of sub-national actors in advancing implementation of adaptation in developing countries. 

For example, the 2015 Paris Agreement recognized that though adaptation is a global challenge, it has local and sub-national dimensions. To be effective, NAP processes must reflect these dimensions—with consideration of sub-national diversity—as well as the critical role of sub-national authorities and local organizations in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating adaptation.

This webinar was aimed for NAP teams and other stakeholders interested in strengthening vertical integration in the process. It looked at different aspects of vertical integration in NAP processes. In particular, it :

  • Provided background on the rationale for linking national and sub-national adaptation efforts

  • Presented a range of key considerations for vertical integration

  • Presented different options for sub-national actors to access climate finance

  • Discussed opportunities and challenges from at least two countries on vertical integration of NAP processes


  • Angie Dazé, NAP-GN

  • Rafael Moser, UN Capital Development Fund

  • Magdalena Preve, UNDP Uruguay

Watch the webinar's recording.