El Centro de Solución de Controversias en Materia de Inversiones de UNASUR: Comentarios Sobre el Borrador de Acuerdo Constitutivo

La futura puesta en marcha del Centro puede generar escepticismo, ya que su funcionamiento podría menospreciar estándares internacionales en favor de parámetros regionales y ello, a su vez, provocar una mayor inestabilidad en la región. Desde otra perspectiva, la creación del Centro podría, no obstante, aumentar la legitimidad y la popularidad de los mecanismos de solución de controversias inversionista-Estado en los países miembros de UNASUR, al implementarse las novedades procesales y sustantivas contenidas en el AC. ¿Cuáles son las novedades procesales y sustantivas contenidas en el Proyecto de Acuerdo Constitucional?

ITN  |  octubre 30, 2012

News in Brief

South Africa begins withdrawing from EU-member BITs South Africa has terminated its bilateral investment treaty with Belgium and Luxembourg, and intends to phase out other treaties with European countries. In a September 7th letter to Belgium’s Ambassador in Pretoria, South Africa’s Minister of International Relations denunciated the treaty, in accordance with the treaty’s termination clauses […]

ITN  |  diciembre 16, 2010

Awards and decisions

Georgia loses dispute with Greek and Israeli oil investors Ioannis Kardassopoulos and Ron Fuchs v. The Republic of Georgia (ICSID Case Nos. ARB/05/18 and ARB/07/15) Martin D. Brauch Two oil traders have been awarded more than US$45 million each in damages from the Republic of Georgia in an ICSID award that advances a broad interpretation […]

ITN  |  septiembre 23, 2010

Awards and Decisions

Argentina on the hook for breach of Fair and Equitable Treatment Suez, Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona S.A., and Vivendi Universal v. Argentine Republic (ICSID Case No. ARB/03/19) Lise Johnson On 30 July 2010, the ICSID tribunal in Suez, Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona S.A., and Vivendi Universal v. Argentina issued a decision […]

ITN  |  abril 8, 2010

Ad hoc committee confirms that Kazakhstan is on the hook for US$ 125 million

By Elizabeth Whitsitt April 8, 2010 An ad hoc committee, established pursuant to the ICSID Arbitration Rules, has rejected the annulment application of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  The former Soviet Republic’s bid for annulment came after an ICSID tribunal ordered Kazakhstan to pay Rumeli Telekom A.S. (Rumeli) and Telsim Mobil Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri A.S. (Telsim) US$ […]

ITN  |  febrero 10, 2010

ICSID finds that corruption has no place in annulment proceedings

By Elizabeth Whitsitt February 14, 2010 American businessman, Jack J. Grynberg, has suffered another setback in his company’s ongoing dispute with Grenada. Commenced in 2005, the ICSID claim was one of a myriad of legal avenues pursued by Mr. Grynberg, the president and CEO of RSM Production Corporation (RSM), in an effort to gain an […]

ITN  |  diciembre 4, 2009

Very High Standard of Review for ICSID Annulment Applications Confirmed

By Elizabeth Whitsitt December 6, 2009 An ad hoc committee, established pursuant to the ICSID Arbitration Rules, has rejected the annulment application of two US power companies: M.C.I. Power Group, L.C. (MCI) and New Turbine, Inc. (New Turbine).  The companies’ bid for annulment came after an ICSID tribunal dismissed part of the companies’ case against […]

ITN  |  diciembre 4, 2009

Continental Casualty and Argentina will continue to battle over financial investments

By Elizabeth Whitsitt December 6, 2009 On October 23, 2009 an ad hoc committee, composed of Gavan Griffith Q.C., Judge Bloa A. Ajibola and Mr. Christer Söderlund, ruled that it will hear the annulment applications of the Argentine Republic and Continental Casualty Company.  According to the ad hoc committee those proceedings will take place without […]

ITN  |  septiembre 28, 2009

Ad Hoc Committee confirms Argentina is on the hook to Azurix for US$165 Million

By Elizabeth Whitsitt 2 October 2009 Marking a final setback for Argentina in its protracted dispute with US-based water services firm Azurix Corp, on 1 September 2009 an ad hoc committee denied Argentina’s application to annul an ICSID tribunal’s previous decision awarding Azurix approximately US$165 Million for breach of Argentina’s obligations under the US-Argentina Bilateral […]

ITN  |  abril 23, 2009

Malaysian Historical Salvors jurisdictional award annulled; committee split on question of economic development as criteria of ICSID investments

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 23 April 2009 The members of an ICSID committee hearing an annulment request in Malaysian Historical Salvors v. the Government of Malaysia have come to starkly different conclusions on whether a foreign investment must contribute to the economic development of the host state in order to fall within the ambit of ICSID […]

ITN  |  enero 16, 2009

Continental Casualty Company moves to annul award favourable to Argentina

By Damon Vis-Dunbar 16 January 2009 The Illinois-based Continental Casualty Company has moved to annul an ICSID award that was largely in favour of the Republic of Argentina. In a 5 September 2008 ruling, Continental Casualty was awarded US$2.8 million, a small part of the US$112 million that the firm claimed from Argentina after its […]