ITN  |  diciembre 12, 2016

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(English) Trump election affects mega-regional negotiations including TTIP, TPP and RCEP

Brazil and India initial Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT); text yet to be published

CETA signed; Canada and European Union to “work expeditiously” on creating a Multilateral Investment Court

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(English) Brexit and contentious topics complicate TTIP negotiations; public opposition continues

EU negotiation agenda to continue despite Brexit; MERCOSUR and Indonesia at sight

United Kingdom makes trade and investment negotiation moves for post-Brexit era

CETA to be concluded as a mixed agreement; commission hopes for signing in october

RCEP partners conclude 13th negotiating round in auckland; three further rounds in 2016

India takes steps to reform its investment policy framework after approving new model bit

ITN  |  mayo 16, 2016

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Laudos de US$50 mil millones contra Rusia en el caso Yukos desestimados por tribunal holandés

Borrador de ATCI será elaborado para julio; ISDS se basará en propuestas de Unión Europea y Estados Unidos

TBI entre China y Estados Unidos: se incluirá ISDS; negociaciones en curso sobre listas negativas

Tres disputas mineras: vienen a público las primeras controversias de inversión contra Colombia

AECG entre Canadá y la Unión Europea celebrado nuevamente en febrero para incorporar propuesta de ICS de la UE

Segunda demanda contra Uruguay ante el CIADI; decisión sobre el caso Philip Morris aún pendiente

Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Singapur lanza reglamento de arbitraje de inversión

Germany’s judges and public prosecutors reject proposed investment court system in TTIP

(English) In a statement issued in early February 2016, the German Association of Judges (known by its German acronym, DRB) firmly rejected the proposal published by the European Commission on September 16, 2015 to establish an Investment Court System (ICS) under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States.

TTIP and Climate Change: Low economic benefits, real climate risks

This week’s climate change negotiations should inform many spheres of global governance—including international trade and investment policy. One of the most important trade and investment agreements is the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)—currently under negotiation between the European Union and United States—given the role it will likely play in establishing rules for the global economy in the 21st century.

Working by Design: New Ideas to Empower U.S. and European Workers in TTIP

(English) This paper provides an overview of how the European Union and the United States promote labour rights in trade and investment agreements. It then warns that language in the investment and regulatory coherence chapters may contradict the language in the labour rights chapters. Finally, the paper suggests ways that TTIP can be redesigned to benefit workers and promote employment, based on interviews with 23 eminent scholars as well as original ideas from the author.