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EcoHealth: Health, Well-Being and Watersheds

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EcoHealth: Health, Well-Being and Watersheds

This brochure summarizes the watershed-based approach to ecohealth taken by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, in partnership with the Network for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health.

It provides the rationale for approaching public health at the watershed level and illustrates how the ecohealth concept can be applied through case studies on the Cowichan Watershed in British Columbia and the Seine Watershed in Manitoba.Ecohealth thinking can improve the efficiency of health care investments by proactively protecting people from threats and improving their day-to-day surroundings and sense of security. Preventive public health through watershed management may, in fact, be a more efficient allocation of scarce resources than standard health spending.

For the full details on the Ecohealth and Watersheds: Watersheds as Settings for Health and Well-Being in Canada project, click here to view the report.

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