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GHG Emissions Reductions and Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: Measurement and inclusion within INDCs

This 4 ½-minute video covers the links between fossil fuel subsidies, climate change and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Speakers address how countries can include emission reductions within their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. Speakers include: Hans Jakob Erkison, special advisor, Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, Denmark; Radeslow (Radek) Stefanski, assistant professor, University of St. Andrews; Joseph Robertson: global strategy director, Citizens’ Climate Lobby; Laura Merrill: Global Subsidies Initiative, International Institute for Sustainable Development; Suzanne W. Myada, University of Cologne.

The event took place on the margins of the SB42 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in Bonn, Germany on June 2, 2015.