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Investment-Related Dispute Settlement: Lessons from international accountability mechanisms

In 2014 IISD initiated a process with experts to discuss the simple question: “If investment-related dispute settlement mechanisms at the international level were to be built anew, what should they look like?”

Bulding on the results of the 2014 meeting and of a second expert meeting held in May 2016, as well as recent developments in international practice regarding investment-related dispute settlement, a third meeting was held in April 2017. IISD and the American University Washington College of Law's Program on International and Comparative Environmental Law hosted the expert meeting “Developing a New Accountability and Dispute Settlement Mechanism on Investment: Lessons from international accountability mechanisms (IAMs).”

Given the extensive expertise of the Washington-based community, the April 2017 expert meeting focused on ways forward on a compliance and dispute settlement mechanism on investment. Drawing lessons from their experience with IAMs, the experts discussed the design of a new international mechanism for resolving investment-related conflicts and ensuring compliance with applicable principles and rules.