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Our City: A Peg Report on Health Equity

Our City: A Peg Report on Health Equity is Peg’s first topic-specific well-being report to the community.

It shines a light on the gap between the groups in Winnipeg experiencing the highest and lowest health status, with the gap widening for some indicators. The 11 indicators in the report show that the gap is tied to issues related to income and other social circumstances.

These key indicators were identified through consulting with experts in the various fields, paying particular attention to those indicators that can best signal the overall status of each of the eight themes of well-being. The Peg team also chose indicators that are compelling and actionable, and can thus inspire Winnipeggers who want to create positive change in our community.

With each indicator identified in this report, we have provided information on why the indicator is important, the numbers that outline how we are doing, a graph illustrating the trend, and the source of the data. Where available, we also provide a comparison to provincial or national data, as well as a link to a Peg video that puts a human face to the numbers.

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