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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • The hottest new thing in sustainable building is, uh, wood

    Vox - January 16, 2020  Architects, builders, and sustainability advocates are all abuzz over a new building material they say could substantially reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the building sector.

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  • To neutralise populism, give people more control

    The Economist - January 15, 2020  Providing individuals with greater agency can improve our politics, say Robin Varghese and Sarah Pray of the Open Society Foundations.

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  • Young innovators team up to clean up Lake Winnipeg

    Global News - January 15, 2020  Young innovators from across Canada are coming together to create solutions for the problems affecting Lake Winnipeg.

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  • Some Winnipeg neighbourhoods 'left behind' by rest of city: report

    CTV - January 10, 2020  While Winnipeg is making strides when it comes to the environment, education and income, some neighbourhoods are being left behind by the rest of the city, according to a new report measuring the city's progress.

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  • LNG too risky, despite generous subsidies

    Focus on Victoria - January 07, 2020  To hear our political leaders tell it, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the solution to all that ails us. For instance, in December 2019 federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau called Canadian LNG a “very positive opportunity.”

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  • Trade negotiators have missed a deadline to help protect fish stocks

    The Economist - January 02, 2020  In 2015, world leaders signed up to a long list of sustainable development goals, among them an agreement to limit government subsidies that contribute to overfishing.

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  • Alum a useful tool to combat toxic algae

    Manitoba Co-operator - December 23, 2019  It’s no magic bullet, but aluminum sulphate can significantly reduce toxic algal blooms in lakes, American scientist John Holz told conservationists at a Winnipeg conference on December 3.

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  • Oil majors and environmental groups hold Toronto forum to address challenges of climate change

    Globe and Mail - December 23, 2019  In Toronto, executives from some of Canada’s biggest oil companies were sitting across the table from environmental leaders, academics, Indigenous leaders and government officials, hoping to find a way to bridge the Grand Canyon-sized divide.

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  • Why targeting LPG subsidies to women matters

    Energy Times - December 23, 2019  In recent years, everyday lives of many women in India have changed with LPG making cooking healthier and faster. However, nearly 50% of women in rural areas still don’t have access to this clean cooking source.

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  • Teen who pushed for Indigenous rights at COP25 disappointed

    CBC Kids - December 19, 2019  When it came to negotiating a climate deal at COP25 in Madrid last week, there was no agreement on the main issue — but that’s not why Ta’Kaiya Blaney was disappointed.

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