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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • New Parliament should put best foot forward to address climate change

    The Hill Times - October 23, 2019  The health and wellbeing of Canadians is irrevocably tied to the health and wellbeing of the planet. Our newly elected government needs to demonstrate they understand what this interdependence implies.

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  • With Climate Change on the Agenda, Advocates Call for Legislated Targets, Fossil Industry Phasedown

    The Energy Mix - October 22, 2019  As election results rolled in last night in downtown Ottawa, climate hawks assessed the results of the first campaign in Canadian history where climate change was at the top of the political agenda.

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  • WTO urges quick ban on harmful fisheries subsidies

    AFP - October 08, 2019  The World Trade Organization on Tuesday called for countries to speed up talks aimed at hammering out an agreement on banning harmful fisheries subsidies. "It is clear today that the harm done by many fisheries subsidies cannot continue," WTO chief Roberto Azevedo told a conference in Geneva.

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  • Governments should fight air pollution from fossil fuels like they fight tobacco use

    STAT - October 01, 2019  Cigarette packages all over the world display health warnings on every side of the box. It makes sense, since tobacco kills as many as 8 million people a year around the globe. Burning fossil fuels doesn’t get the same kind of attention, even though the toxic air pollution it creates kills 7 million people each year.

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  • How a salmon scientist got hooked into a battle over the world’s largest gold mine

    Science Magazine - October 10, 2019  A profile of Daniel Schindler, who came of age at IISD's Experimental Lakes Area. This piece looks at how Schindler is now battling to protect Alaska's salmon populations, which in turn has created an even bigger battle with a mining company.

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  • Fewer children, fewer climate risks? Niger ponders a controversial option

    Reuters - October 07, 2019  Climate change has meant Niger has seen a swift rise in temperatures and less abundant water flows in rivers, in addition to more intense droughts and floods. That is a growing threat to food and water supplies - and the pressures heighten as the nation’s population booms, with each woman having on average 7.6 children.

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  • How to build climate-resilient tourism in the Caribbean

    Devex - September 27, 2019  The Caribbean is one of the most tourism-reliant regions in the world, with the industry accounting for more than 15% of the region’s GDP and supporting nearly 14% of the workforce. On the heels of Hurricane Dorian, effective planning for climate change adaptation is critical.

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  • These Ontario scientists survived government cuts. Now they're dumping oil in a lake to save the environment

    National Observer - October 16, 2019  Six years ago, federal scientists were almost forced to leave the remote area just over 100 kilometres east of the Manitoba border: the ELA was close to using up the last of its funding before the research site would be shuttered for good. 

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  • The bittersweet story of how we stopped acid rain

    BBC - August 07, 2019  Acid rain went from being a pollution disaster to an environmental success story. How did scientists at IISD's Experimental Lakes Area manage to prove that acid rain existed, and find a way to stop it?

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  • Northern Ontario researchers test floating wetlands as method to clean up oil spills

    CBC - September 03, 2019  A $4 million research project is looking at whether engineered wetlands could clean-up oil spills in freshwater lakes. 

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