Clean Up and Rehabilitation of Beira Lake, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The SAVi assessment on the restoration value of Beira Lake was successfully finalized in August 2019. The assessment showed that investing in restoration interventions will yield positive net results, including higher property values in the proximity of the lake. It will also improve the lake’s recreational value. The assessment found that the most cost-effective intervention is the upgrade of wastewater treatment plants to reduce nutrient loadings that reach the lake. When combined with the removal of polluted sediments through lake dredging, these interventions lead to the highest improvements in water clarity. This recognizes, however, that this combination of restoration approaches will require greater investments than focusing solely on the improvement of wastewater treatment. Notably, these interventions combined will lead to higher increases in property values and the lake’s recreational value compared to investing only into one restoration approach.

The detailed assessment report is now available here. A brochure summarizing the report’s key findings and methodology will be available shortly.