Max Linsen

Max Linsen is an Associate in IISD’s Economic Law & Policy Program. He consults on climate change and sustainable investment in resilient infrastructure. Using the SAVi approach, Max evaluates countries’ preparedness to deploy sustainable infrastructure.

Max has worked at the European Commission as a policy-maker in adaptation to climate change, climate-proof funding for infrastructure projects, sustainable finance and a taxonomy of economic activities to help achieve a climate-resilient, low-carbon economy.

He has connected the insurance industry, multilateral development banks and international standardization organizations to collaborate on European policy on climate-risk and data-driven adaptation options—in Europe and beyond.

Max is trained as an engineer in water management and has a master’s degree in systems engineering, policy analysis and management at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He started his career in international flood risk and water quality management at Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch agency for water management and public works. Max is a native Dutch speaker and is able to work in French, English, German and Portuguese.